no sky, no earth - but still snowflakes fall
My name is Ileana. I'm 19 and like most "good kids" I fell into the wrong crowd. I didn't mean to, it just... happened. I met my current boyfriend, and all these new people that did nothing but party, not to mention they LOVED me...
and so it started.

My relationship turned from good, to bad, to abusive. My 'friends' convinced me to start smoking, start taking pills, start doing dope, and finally I started smoking crystal meth to numb the pain. I stopped eating, I lost friends and dropped out of university.

So, what happens when you lose yourself in a world you created? I don't know. I guess all you can do is put one foot in front of the other and move on.
no sky, no earth - but still snowflakes fall
Q: Your gorgeous. I hope things are better for you x
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Why am I always attracted to straight girls.
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Q: Gosh I feel like my story is so much like yours, it's fucking insane! I was with an abusive guy for 5 years till I started smoking enough meth to numb the pain, eventually it gave me what I wanted, and that was to just not give a fuck anymore, eventually I lost all emotion and just gave up, it was hard being in love with someone who treated me so poorly, to put up with it was the worst part. And you being pretty and smoking meth? Lol your not alone baby girl 💋I'm right there with you. ❌⭕️❌⭕️
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I’ve been miserable for a long, long time.